Getting Started

ShareID Introduction Slides

Understading how ShareID Works

How To Start

Upgrade your account:

  • You start at Free account. Upgrade your account to grade 1 to activate it. Donate USD20 to your referrer and submit the donation details (donation form).
  • Once your donation is approved, your account will be automatically upgraded to Grade 1.
  • Now your account is able to accept donor sign up, donations and spillover donors from your referrer.
  • Share your ID (referral link) to get your donors.

Donation flow:

  • Donors at 1 level below you are called direct donors. They will donate to you when upgrading to grade 1.
  • Donors at 2 level below you, will donate to your direct donors when upgrading to grade 1. They will donate to you when upgrading to grade 2.
  • You must make sure your grade is equal or higher than the grade they are upgrading to.
  • Please view the slides above for more explanation.

Donation Amount

Below are the amounts for each grade when you are upgrading or receiving donations. It will be slightly different for other currencies.

  Amount (USD)
Grade 1 20
Grade 2 40
Grade 3 60
Grade 4 80
Grade 5 100