Frequently Asked Questions

About ShareID

What is ShareID?

ShareID Club is a smart crowd funding, member-to-member direct donation platform, for members to help each other in a systematic way. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other.

Which countries can join this program?
Is ShareID developed and managed by a company?

No. This platform is made by a group of like-minded people for everybody to use.

What does ShareID sell?


Do I need to provide real email address?
Do I need to provide real name?
Do I need to provide real phone number?

This is optional but it is encouraged for you to provide a real phone number. Donors can contact you to ask about ShareID or if they have problem to donate to you.

Can I use the same email for multiple accounts?

Yes if you want to create or manage multiple ShareID accounts, you can use the same email address.

I did not receive any email from ShareID after registration.

It could be in your Spam/Junk box. And it is also possible the email address is not valid. You can try 'Forgot Password' in login page.

Bank Account & Payment Methods

Why do I need to provide bank information?

Your donors will make donation directly to your bank account or any payment processors you provided.

Can I use the same bank account for multiple accounts?
Can I edit, add, remove payment method?

Yes you can do it at anytime. Please make sure you have at least 1 payment method available, or else your donor wont be able to donate to you.

Can I accept cash?

If the donor is near you, your relative or a friend, yes you can deal with the donor to accept donation by cash.


What is Spillover function?
Why should I use this?
Can I choose not to use Spillover function?
Where the referrals will be assign to if I use Spillover?

All new registration from your referral link will be put 2 level below you. Direct donor of your direct donor.

Account & Upgrade

What is Upgrade?

Upgrade is a term used in the system for Upgrading your account Grade from Free, to Grade 1, Grade 2 and so on. During Upgrade process, system will show you which member you need to donate to.

How do I Upgrade?
Why do I need to Upgrade?

Upgrade is a process where you make donation to other member. So after Upgrade, you can start receiving donations from your donors.

What is the different between Grade?

At Grade 1, you can receive donations from your Level 1 donor. At Grade 2, you can receive donations from your Level 1 & Level 2 donors and so on. The higher your grade, the more levels you can earn. Please go to Getting Started page for more information.

What is the highest Grade I can Upgrade to?

The highest is Grade 5. At this Grade you can receive unlimited donations from all level.

What happen after my donation is approved?
What if my donation is rejected?

Platform Mechanism

Is there any maintenance or administration fee?
How many donors can I invite?
Can Free member earn any donation?

No. A member need to donate first to activate the account before receiving any donation. The receiver will approve and upgrade your account status.

How do i find donors?

As a registered member, you will get your own referral link. You can use all marketing materials shared by other members and add your own ads/marketing material.

Can I help my direct donor to find their own donors?

Yes you can use Spillover function. Once activated, all new signup from your referral link will be assigned to your direct donor.

How I can start inviting donors?

The easiest way is you can start promoting your own referral link to social network site like Facebook, Twitter and chat application like Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat etc. If your referrer is active and activate spillover feature, you can get new members from your referrer's extra referrals.

Is refund available?

Donation is a direct transaction between two members, the money is not managed or held by the system or 3rd party therefore no refund can be made by ShareID.