Free, Smart & Easy Member to Member Donation Platform

Easy & Simple. No fee. No eWallet. All donations go directly member to member.

Accept donations anytime. Access from anywhere.

Manage and monitor your donations in a smart & systematic dashboard.

What is ShareID?

ShareID Club is a smart crowd funding, member-to-member direct donation platform. Members can help each other in a systematic way. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other.

Free To Use

ShareID is a free platform. Zero fees. Every donation is between one member to another. No intermediary or middleman. No eWallet and no withdrawal needed.

Multiple Donation Methods

You can accept donations via multiple methods and payment processors. Cash, Bank fund transfer, PayPal, Neteller, WesternUnion, Crypto Currencies and many more.

Open 24/7 WorldWide

ShareID is available worldwide supporting multiple countries and currencies. Look for your country in Sign Up form. It's open 24/7 for sign up and donation.

Managing Donations

ShareID donations are direct peer-to-peer. A member will donate directly to another member's bank or other payment processors.

Donation Records

You will manage all donations you received. You can approve and reject donation. All new and approved donations will be recorded.

ShareID DOnations

Add Multiple Donation Methods

Make it easier for other members to donate to you. Add multiple methods or payment processors to your account. Donors will choose which one they want to donate to.

ShareID Payment Processors

Member Dashboard

Every member will have access to a simple and easy to use dashboard.


Get a summary of your account immediately after logged in. Your account status, latest donations and members, total donation received and more things are coming.

Theme Color

Choose your favourite theme color. It will be applied to all pages in the members area.

Notification Settings

Get notification to your email and Telegram app. ShareID integrated with Telegram bot to give you more information about your account activities.

Profile Avatar

Personalize your profile further with avatar.

Latest Donations

Recent verified & approved donations

Lez***** received $40 from Bac** on Sep 19, 2019

Luc***** received $20 from Teo**** on Sep 19, 2019

Arl** received $20 from Alm** on Sep 19, 2019

Zai***** received $20 from Din*** on Sep 19, 2019

Leo**** received $20 from Teo****** on Sep 19, 2019

Azl*** received $20 from Maz**** on Sep 19, 2019

Faz** received $20 from Lie***** on Sep 19, 2019

Cyn**** received $20 from Nad****** on Sep 19, 2019

Gan***** received $40 from Nor***** on Sep 19, 2019

R R***** received $20 from Muh**** on Sep 19, 2019